Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Stowell Boys - Jimmy and Jerry

Jerry, once a  high school coach and teacher, now a grade school teacher in Sarasota, Florida and Jimmy, from Peoria,  a one-time employee of mine and my onetime stock broker who was good at "churning" my stocks for quick commisions along with his brother, Joe, Jr. Joe, Jr., who charged me $1000 for a single stock trade complained at the time he wasn't making any money. He eventually declared bankruptcy and is now some kind of a stock broker in the area.

Both failed to realize I still have a friend or two at the JS and at least one TV Station.
Friends wondered how "National Inquirer" news traveled so fast.

A lot more on these two, who capitalized on their Dad's name, later .

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shortseller said...

Well, brokers in general, shouldn't be trusted fully, Merle. They are salesmen. Most investors think brokers are there to make them money. Not true. They are there to sell you stock and anything else they can talk you in to. Always research what they want you to buy in to. Always ask them how and how much they will make on a transaction.