Monday, December 02, 2013

Oprah Winfrey - Prime Example of Wealthy (And Wanna-bes) Black Racism

I quote from a letter published in today's USA Today: "America has been very good good to Oprah Winfrey. She has amassed billions, that's right, billions as an African-American woman. (Remember, I'm, Merle Widmer, a grey head as opposed to a black head, who is to be called a Swiss-German American and I'll be damned upset if you don't grant me the same recognition as African-Americans. And Martian/Martians: They want to be called Martian/Martians. And they are really green people as 6% of our population claim who have actually seen them.


I'm really not so sensitive about my color although I do have a nice Florida tan. However, I'm white and they are black. I'm not going to paint myself black, brown or green to please Oprah and her ilk. Why less differentiate people color any more than we differentiate between a red head and a brunette? Or an Angus compared to a Guernsey? Or a red wine over a white wine?. Or a fat butt as opposed to a slender butt? Or big breasts over small, medium, large or really big breasts? Or a gay or a straight?)

Anyway, on with the letter, "Yet she, (Oprah) wants to paint many Americans as racist because they don't give a mixed-race president, twice elected, enough fealty".

Oprah just doesn't get it. It's not because President Obama is of color that he sees his approval dropping. It's not disrespect; it's disapproval because of HIS INCOMPETENCE, DISENGAGEMENT AND DISHONESTY.".

Bob Guerin , Marathon, Fla.


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