Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas to Most of My Readers and a Special Invite

I invite any and all who have followed my adventures in the liberal press and other places to come my house from the period of Dec. 26 through December 30 to sit with my wife and together we will answer all questions that are civil and reasonable questions about the events of which I was made by the JS to be the criminal and was so widely publicized mainly by this  National Inquirer. (Journal Star) You might learn that JS "reporter" Matt Buedel left out the ages and the relationship of the three woman, one, not the 27 year old, who may have stolen jewelry from our office erroneously unlocked filing cabinet. I'll tell you now. One was 27 and worked at the Club Caberet where I OCCASIONALLY had lunch with one or two well known Peorians who invited me to join them. I'll even tell you the name of one of these "friends". The 2nd visitor was 49 and was the club workers aunt, and the third was an overweight 22 year who was sister to the 27 year old who was supposedly visiting in Peoria and is a student in college in Miami.

I'll even tell you why I offered the invitation.

And that there is no upstairs in our house as Buedel  (Buedel wanted to make his readers believe there were upstairs bedrooms,)  claimed there was. Buedel also claimed that I  "stepped down" (means resigned) from the County Board which I certainly did not. I served my full 10 year elected terms and have the plaque and newspaper article to prove it. ( I was twice elected Vice-Chairman of the County Board by my Democrat and some Republican peers.)

You might learn and I'm sure some of you are interested that I had prostrate surgery many years ago. I elected to have radiation seeding which KILLS ALL THE CANCER AND THE NERVES IN THE GENITAL AREA THAT ALLOWS AN ERECTION AND AN ORGASM. So you can imagine the great sex party the four of us had in MY house while my wife, then a serious alcoholic who wouldn't seek help even after her doctor told her she was near death, was in the hospital and then the nursing home.

You will learn that the detective in charge of the case  did not interview anyone but me for 5 weeks (if no interview in the first day or two, cases like this are dead) and they never did interview the 22 year old. So MY reporting the theft to our competent 'Peoria security protectors' got me nothing but a lot of slander. And no, the jewelry wasn't insured. And no, we didn't get the jewelry back. No one was arrested and never will be arrested.

I will even talk some, I haven't had my day in court which my attorney and  I eagerly look forward to, about the "alleged" happening in Sarasota.

And this is the beginning of what you might learn. Only orange juice will be served as my wife has been 'on the wagon' since mid-August. No cookies as you will be here to learn the facts.

Call first. We are in the book.


Diane Vespa said...

Merle - Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the holidays and bbbrrreeeeaaaattthhhhh.

mjgreytak said...

Looking forward to seeing you and Claire down here for my family Christmas Eve traditional celebration of the birth of Christ. We are most definitely proud to be Americans and as such, free to proclaim our faith as Christ followers. After all, the name "Christmas" is used and understood by all as derived from the "Christ" rather than Islamas , Atheristmas, etc., although many people seem fully engaged in the worship of idols, money and status symbols. We are without doubt the nation dedicated to freedom of choice over any other nation. Tonight, at our house we freely honor God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost yet we welcome those practicing other religions - even those believing in no higher power provided the faith we have is given respect.

With love, Merry Jo Widmer-Greytak

Merle Widmer said...

Great to see you and your lovely home so artistically decorated. And all you, Nancy and my familes together with the exception of Alex who was ill.

Boy are they growing up so fast and with so many bright futures. And Josh and Becky doing so well in their respective businesses.

Great food, great conversations at Christmas where we celebrated the birth of the Christ child.

Thanks, Mary Jo