Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Difference Between "Fixing" Something and "Repairing" Something Wrong

All this talk about the administration in charge about fixing problem is partly "bunko". When you have a tear in your shirt you can "fix" it with a safety pin. If you want to "repair" it, you take it to a seamstress or a tailor.

When I was in business and a customer had a problem, we might have "fixed" it temporarily until we could bring back the right technician or the right part or whatever, to "repair" it.

Big difference. This administration is good at "fixing" but mostly lacking in the ability to properly repair. Very noticeable in there inability or mainly lack of desire to fire those who are causing the problem. And the voter has a problem in impeaching the main problem maker and "fixer"

I have always opposed "big" goverrnement. They fix; the private sector most usually properly repairs..

I suppport honest capitalism. This administration supports dis-honest capitaalists and supports Socialism.

So sad.

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