Thursday, November 07, 2013

Peoria Detective Roger Martin Showed Little Interest in Jewelry Theft

After the police responded to the jewelry theft at my home, they turned the case over to Detective Martin who, with another Detective visited my house and interviewed me. After a couple of weeks, I contacted Detective Martin who told me that they had a lot of cases to work on and they would get to my case in time. He also told me he delayed interviewing the most probable suspects because he doubted my theory. After one more short contact with Detective Martin, I determined the case was going nowhere.

My next action was intended to address the council. At the meeting I spoke with Chief Settingard who was visibly upset that no interviews with the most logical suspects had taken place. On the following day I received a phone call from an also upset policeman who said the Chief was upset that my case got pigeonholed. The officer said that Martin would be in touch with me. When Martin didn't call me, I called him and he was irritated saying that I never told him where the bedrooms were located. Bedrooms? The suspects were never shown the bedrooms nor my office. Besides, he visited my house and didn't note the layout of the rooms?? He then told me I delayed reporting the theft. Of course, I did. I didn't know anything was stolen until my wife came home and a few days later discovered her jewelry was missing. Even then we spent a couple of days reaffirming the jewelry was missing.

So it took Detective Martin almost 5 weeks BEFORE he interviewed a suspect and then only two because he said the third was 'out of town'. He said they denied taking the jewelry. Sure they did. He also said the one not interviewed was in Colorado. That was the young one who may have taken the jewelry to a bigger city where it would be easier to pawn.

Martin bragged he was 23 years on the force and he knew what he was doing. Maybe that is why things stolen are seldom recovered in Peoria.

I was the one who contacted all the local contacts and circulated 200 pictures of the most expensive necklace.

I would advise any prominent people who invite people into their homes and have things stolen not to report the theft. Also, it is a mistaken belief that all women who are performers are thieves. There are a lot of thieves that hold elected or appointed offices or people who have a habit of stealing that enter the homes of many people, prominent or otherwise.

The good news is that my wife has stopped drinking and making efforts to recover her health. I am very pleased. The bad news is that if Martin worked for me...............

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