Sunday, December 18, 2011

Major Sports Coaches Out in the State of Illinois - 2012

Last year, I predicted two head coaches should be removed. I missed as only Jim Les from Bradley was fired. Ron Zook from Illinois football should have been but the Board of Directors lacks guts. This year, guts or not, he is gone.

Only the color his skin saved Lovie Smith, Bears head coach. If the Bears want to ever again become the "Monsters of the Midway" color of ones skin should have no bearing on who is selected as head coach. If a black coach can get the job done, OK with me but Lovie has had his chances.

I've lost so much interest in the NBA I've forgotten who coaches the Bulls. With no talented big man, the Bulls will be an also ran despite Rose and a a year older Boozer.

But those of us who have more important things to do than to be entertained by endless relays of overpaid and overpriced circuses and participants, who really should care??

Who should care? Those who have noticed the direction our country is heading. But, we, like the Romans, will still have our endless circuses to watch sitting on our butts as the country grows more obese. Obese people do not make good warriors and our enemies are aware of this fact.

Neither do welfare people or the uneducated which includes the roughly 50% who don't pay income tax but our president still wants to give them tax refunds. But still have mney to buy high priced sporting event tickets.

Sad part. is that most of them expect income tax refunds whether they contributed of not. Same as highly paid head coaches don't believe they should be fired.

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