Saturday, December 10, 2011

It Ain't God That is the Problem in This Country, It's the Economy You Stupid Republicans

Rich Perry should go back to his god, his cattle and his oil fields. He ain't going to be pres of the U.S. Neither is Bachmann, Santorum nor Huntsman. And most likely not Romney or Gingrich. And certainly not Ryan. Some of his ideas have merit but he presents them like offering a fruitcake to a friend who does not like fruitcakes.

Where god might enter in, "if these candidates are the best the Republicans can bring out, 'God save this country'.

I suggest reading "God and the Economy in Iowa" by one the the best writers in the country, Kimberly Strassel, in today's WSJ.

On the same Opinion page read David Feith, "Boot Camp For Citizens", summarized by Peter Berkowitz. The evidence of civic illiteracy is abundant. out of thousands of of primary and secondary students across the U.S., took a history exam administered by the education dept. more than half failed and less than 10% were as proficient as they should be".

No surprise hear as on who sat thru many a classroom as an observer and one who sees the results in ordinary people I come in contact with. Especially many of the people who vote today.

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