Sunday, November 06, 2011

Reduce the Deficit, Cut Spending? Fat Chance

If your read the news, listen to the news and watch the news put out by the major media outlets, you surely suspect that changing parties is not going to be the answer. The answer will lie in electing individuals who understand the "pickle" we are in and take aggressive and personal vote losing action. (in many cases because we are taught to take and not give except to charity). Those common sense, brave people, may only be found in fiction as written by Ayn Rand. They would need to survive being crucified by the liberal medias. (Think Herman Cain)

Twelve years or so, our "leaders" and the Journal Star pushed the ridiculous idea of an interstate to Chicago estimated at $800 million to save a few drive minutes (maybe), I say maybe because shortly after the road would have been built, repairs would start meaning one lane traffic, etc. I say 'to Chicago' where Peoria shoppers would go more frequently to spend and the flow of illegal drugs would be a bit faster.

Then, upon reaching the Chicago area they find traffic backed up for miles negating the time saved in traveling 75 or 80 miles an hour, yes, not 65 as is supposed to be the limit, and then traveling maybe 10 miles an hour during rush hours to their destination hopefully not downtown where the traffic jams are even worse.

And all the old roads would still be needed and maintained. More work and jobs; is that what it is all about?

And then Hi-Speed rail between Peoria and the recipient of Governor Koerner's wise decision of yonder years. Peoria didn't get the "curve" and has been jealous of the growth of Blomington-Normal ever since. As an aside, their ballpark in Normal is MAKING money.

Speaking of jobs, if you take time to watch most of our highway workers, now seeping into the private sector of highway contract workers, of working at a pace that would have made my Dad, if still living, ill, just like it does me. Good hard working highway workers can't show veteran union laborers up. Especially, some hard working women who show the men up so most of these women are assigned to a broom.

Hey, they can lean on a shovel, same as the men.

With all the bridges that need to be repaired or re-built, don't expect it to be accomplished in this generation. And build high speed rails and islands in the rivers, wall in the rivers and mine the silt from the rivers, build more museums with public dollars, finance more businesses like FireFly, the bankrupt solar plants, and hotels, etc? And more welfare payments?

You know, a lot of the things those in "Dreamsville" dream about would be nice if the dreamers just would pay for it themselves instead of spending OPM. Because they want; they spend and let present and future generations pay.

Too late in Peoria. Property owners and all taxpayers, we will see more fee increases like the garbage fees and other fees assessed in lieu of taxes by more and more public bodies.

Reduce the deficit. Cut spending? Fat chance.

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