Thursday, November 03, 2011

Minor League Baseball Facts

An interesting email from a friend.Merle,

We have some family that lives in Midland, Michigan.
Last time up there my daughter saved me news articles from their local paper.
The story was about developments in the immediate area of their Midwest League ballpark which is near downtown Midland.
Yep , same league that the Chiefs try to play ball in.
As I read the story I thought about the how many years has our fair city been trying to have a Wrigleyville or Fenwayville or some other such nonsense.
So i had to see that neighborhood up close. On occasion we have gone to see games at their stadium. Nice park and impressive footprint. All built Without Public money. Foundations were the order of the day for financing.
Anyhow, a large building to be redeployed and surrounding grounds to build upon.

Another interesting mention in the story was about Lansing, Michigan with the near completion of developments near their downtown Midwest League ballpark. Yep, the state capitol is just up the street from the stadium.

Anyhow it is interesting and good for them that can organize and get the necessary wherewithall to accomplish such tasks that our great city cannot even clearly dream upon.

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