Friday, October 14, 2011

Ray LaHood, Obama's "Gofer" Announces He Will Not Serve Another Term as Transportation Secretary

I like Ray and the LaHood family. But Ray's ego? caused him to be found at the wrong place at the the wrong time.

Ray seems to have forgotten that to fund hi-speed rail and long neglected infrastructure there must be money left over to "build". After paying billions for engineers, consultants, then more engineers and more consultant types. Plus the purchase of property where needed as for hi-speed rail. Plus the slow speed of union workers and apparent disorganization of our highway planners as many of us have noted over the past couple of decades.

Ray supported the attempt to force Florida to accept a couple of billion from his department for engineers and consultants and land purchase to build high speed rail between Orlando and Tampa Bay, a distance of 80 miles. The Republican Florida governor was smart enough to realize that the feds were giving just enough money to get the project started and then Florida would have been stuck with the completion of this guaranteed "boondoogle".

Yep, Ray, time to hang it up and come back to Peoria to help support a highway to Chicago or a ring road in Tazewell County plus a new bridge across the river. Main recipient of the probably 600 million dollar project?

Guess who? I'll give you a hint, Ray's major campaign contributor plus all engineering and consulting firms and developers, also big contributors to politicians who love to spend OPM.

Politicians learn it's easy to sell any project if it means jobs even if the country has to keep borrowing from China types.