Monday, August 15, 2011

Peoria is Not Chicago or Springfield. However,......

We do have State Rep.Jehan Gordon. She accepted $100,000 in campaign funds from an outfit promoting changes in our public school system. When the vote on the bill they sponsored came up, Ms. Gordon was an enthusiastic supporter.

Her quote, "I planned to vote for this bill anyway". She is not alone in accepting large amounts of money from "special interest" groups. She just made the local newspaper.

Prior to that vote, Gordon was quoted in a local Newspaper under the headline, "Gordon Pushes Ethic Reform, "we should shine a light on unethical behavior".

Then again, what is the definition of unethical? These days after Clinton.

All elected officials say they "are going to change things in government". Why haven't they over all these decades? They are beholden to the special interests who funds their campaigns. I gave Aaron Schock $100 last year. What did he say? "One hundred collars"? and laughed. He then said he wanted to talk to me about an issue. I'm still waiting.

Not bragging but stating a fact. In my three successful campaigns for the Peoria County Board, I accepted $100 from a Democrat and free printing of my brochure paid for my a long retired friend. And a free lunch from a friend who did have a county issue. His issue which was supported by 7 other board members lost when one of his proclaimed supporters failed to show up the night of the vote. One of Jeff Joyce's many absences.


By the way, who is running the City of Peoria's Public Works Department? The manager, the planning department or the union. Or all three in their own way. By the messes most of us drive by every day, it sure doesn't look like they are working in tandem. Good illustrations, the intersection of Glen and University, the sidewalks on the opposite side of Kellar School and Mt. Hawley Road, and the prolonged mess at Sheridan and Northmoor. Sidewalks and street widening seem to be be big these days while our streets like Glen go further to pot.

And then there is the boondoggle millions spent in the Warehouse District, most of it to be redone later.

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