Wednesday, October 27, 2010

U.S. Now Rated 22 Least Corrupt Nation

According to Reuters, the U.S. has dropped to its lowest rank of corruption of all the nations in the world. Canada, Chile and Barbados were ranked above the U.S. Singapore, Denmark and New Zealand were 3 of the least corrupt nations.

The rating was the worst rank for the U.S. since the rating agency started ranking 15years ago.

No wonder. So so many of our teachers, kids, principals and superintendents condone cheating. In a reprint from ABC News on 2/29,2008, "Cheating Scandal Rock Top-Tier Schools", National survey shows that 2/3 of students admit cheating.

My blog of March, 28, 2010, titled 'Trust is Missing" called attention to what most of you already know.

We cheat and lie and not just kids lie with a straight face. Many men are in prison today or have served time and are now called sex offenders. Why, so many? With very little schooling, usually by a divorced or angry female in a divorce process, the aggrieved can get their kid or kids to lie and eventually the kid believes it.

A recent case, an ex claiming small child abuse in Peoria that gained an amount of notoriety is now under appeal. Many of us are hopeful that truth will prevail.

Remember the big Day Care scandal in New England years ago? Many lives were ruined, at least one served a prison term only because of people like Dorothy Rabinitz of the WJS pressing for the real truth. It was eventually proved all the kids were not only lying, they were schooled to lie. The State Attorney job was to prosecute. He did and is still in public office, never admitting that his prosecutors were wrong.

We have at least one legislator from Peoria who admitted to stealing plus she lied about her opponent. A #150 School Board member lied about her education. Much of the dirty advertising from politicians, mainly the Democrats, tell lies about their opponents some of which did lie publicly.

I have copies of the dirty mailers by Democrat Union Organizer Linda Uphoff and recently very dirty mailers from Democrat Union Organizer Randy Stevens. His Republican opponent sent out fliers telling the voter why he, Jim Fennell should be elected while mentioning nothing about his opponent.

I suspect the Democrat Central Committee designed the ads because Mr. Stevens doesn't have much a history to present. At least he could have talked about what he planned to accomplish on a 12 Democrat board that already includes one union organizer.

Recently, going door to door for an honest candidate, I was confronted by an angry ex-voter who said that I, at my age, must be surely must know better and I was nuts to campaign for any one running for office. He angrily closed the door. He said emphatically that he doesn't vote. I have found that in my years of going door to door a surprising large number of households said they did not vote nor were they interested in voting.

This was the lowest score awarded to the United States in the index's 15-year history and also the first time it had fallen out of the top 20. Easily understandable.

The disclosure of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme and rows over political funding had cost a lack of faith about prevailing ethics in America.

There's an integrity deficit. It starts at home and is perpetuated by kids peers all the way up to our current president who lies with impunity.

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Diane Vespa said...

I think I met that same guy that angrily said he doesn't vote!!