Friday, July 09, 2010

Welfare State Expansion - Good Grief

Did you ever wonder why the the Federal government(or any government for that matter)can never control its spending? Here, another one in a million "feel good" ideas, is why-somebody sees a need to fix a problem that should be entirely the responsibility of the parents, that is, a good lunch provided at school. So, naturally, the Federal government must step in and use the taxpayers money to provide the lunch to impoverished children who otherwise would starve to death at school. And guess what, not only will the program never end, despite the huge obesity problem being suffered by our children today, but the program will expand exponentially to cover all children, will soon include breakfast and mid-afternoon snacks, take home sacks in case there is not enough truly nutritional food at home, the age limit will steadily increase until 28 year olds qualify for free lunches, etc. I still have yet to see a single article that suggests, let alone supports the notion that children are starving in the US and that the taxpayers have no recourse except to fund another multi billion dollar welfare program. And, of course, an unelected government official gets to decide to spend the money. Will it never end?

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Anonymous said...

steve j weibring

writes don't raise real estate taxes anymore the public can't pay anymore its recession

how can you hold the public responsible for poor decisions of the city council giving out 9 million in fees to friends of the city, loans for companies that can't succede for a bunch of nothin

fire more police fire firemen

Peoria can't succeed with the current leaders and over staffed city