Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peoria Police Profiling

I've blogged twice on this subject; "Profiling", 8/13/06 and "Profiling; is More Better Than Less?", 8/17/06. Even liberal Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote on 8/13/06 that Inconvenience OK for tighter Security and Columnist Kathleen in a column in the JS on 8/17,06 wrote that "Profiling simply makes sense", plus a WSJ article 8/17/06, Profiles in Terror, a Detailed Look at al Quaeda's Founders and the U.S. Agents Who Saw the Threat".

Even renowned writer black Thomas Sowell wrote back in March 2005 wrote, "Too many lives are at risk today from people already INSIDE this country to be paralyzed by the politically correct rhetoric of those who decry 'racial profiling'".

Also, highly respected black writer and political activist, Michell Malkin wrote in 2005, "It is entirely appropriate to take into account nationality when deciding which foreigners present the highest risk."

Most of these people bent on destroying each other in Peoria are "foreign" to our culture. Poverty, it has been proven over and over, is no excuse for these acts of violence. Education is free. So are food and clothing. And shelter. The court system, our security systems, our jails and prisons are not. Counseling is basically free.

Color and demeanor, location and suspicions matter. Take all appropriate action to protect the bulk of the peace loving society, profiling or not.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Michelle Malkin, Asian?