Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stephanie is Back Performing in the Area

Friends and discerning music fans,

Just the usual "week-of" email to remind you that I'll be in town playing with Larry Harms in just a couple of days. Join us on Thursday, May 6 at Basta O'Neill's restaurant on Cummings Lane in Washington from 6 - 9pm (it's a nice early gig; you could bring your Mama and treat her to an early Mother's Day dinner) or the next evening, Friday, May 7 at the Rhythm Kitchen on Water Street in Peoria from 8 - 11pm.

The weather is scheduled to be beautiful and the music is scheduled to be fabulous. Grab a friend, your mom, or the gang from work and meet us this weekend - we will be glad to see you, I promise.

Thanks as always for your support and enthusiasm...without y'all, we'd be playing for ourselves in our living rooms!



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steven edward streight said...

How odd Merle, I recently announced that I was looking for music and art events in the Peoria area to document with video, and then I see this atypical post on your blog.

What kind of music is this? Is there a MySpace Music page I can visit for this artist?