Sunday, May 09, 2010

Other Sides to View the Muslim "Mountain"

"Muslims in America" by Edward C. Curtis, calling his book 'A Short History', 146 pages, is worth a read if you believe Islam's desired goal is to thrust the entire world under one Islamic caliphate under Sharia law.

This book, written to give non-Muslim America a better understanding of Muslims in America, presents a "mountain" with a different view depending on which side you are standing.

And time of day. Or season.

I (we) oftentimes lump all ethnic and religious groups as one. That is no more correct than Islamic Muslims believing all of America to be similar to Hollywood or the Mexican Mafia and other terrorist type gangs that dominate some parts of every community in the United States.

Or the mad bomber of the Federal Building in Oklahoma. Or Charles Manson and Al Capone.

"Tea With Hezbollah", 'Sitting at the enemies table - Our journey through the Middle East', by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis is a must read for those who see the looming threat rising in the Middle East. In the authors search for a true Samaritan, one who would "love your neighbor, carry their burdens, and if necessary, lay down your life for them", they find most leaders talk the talk but do not walk the walk. They reiterate that religious fanaticism, distrust of truths, a distortion of facts or conflicting beliefs, and envy are the major causes of the failure of religious teaching to 'love your neighbor' not just in the Mid East but throughout the entire world.

Credentials of the authors, as usual, can be found by entering them in your search bar. Or for Dekker enter and Dekker and for Medearis enter Carl


steven edward streight said...

I recently watched televangelist David Jeremiah preach a sermon on TBN that was 100% negative and hostile toward Islam.

There is much in Islam that troubles me, but I've read the entire Koran, with authorized commentary (the big green book) twice. The story of Joseph is re-told over and over again in it.

David Jeremiah just condemned the Islamic religion, with no mention of it being one of the 3 great Abrahamic faiths, as French philosopher Jacques Derrida details in his "Acts of Religion" book, which I'm very fond of.

Christianity has some very ugly moments in its history, which I never hear any pastors talk about or apologize for.

Shame on alleged religious "leaders" for having such narrow views and destructive agendas.

You'll never bring about mutual understanding, much less conversion, by hatefully bashing everything a person of another faith believes in.

Vonster said...

"Christianity has some very ugly moments in its history, which I never hear any pastors talk about or apologize for."

To be fair, those are 99% in the far past...