Friday, April 09, 2010

Asphalt Ordinance & More

Most hard core union Democrats will tell workers anything to get all workers unionized and to support their causes. One major fault of unions is that they promote most usually by seniority or cronyism. Most union members work at the same pace so they don't show up any of the more senior members. Take time to watch highway workers this summer. Once members gain seniority, last in, is first out of a job in case of an economy downturn and emplyer forced cutback. Being the best worker has nothing to do with holding a job. Certain hard to find skills, eniority and cronyism is everything.

The County Board Meeting last night was attended by a large number of unionized owners and union members supporting a resolution that appears to basically put some non-unionized asphalt pavers, their workers, and their families; out of business. These union members have been regular attendees on this subject this year. In a conversation with some of the union members, they said the issue had nothing to do with possibly forcing the non-union pavers to become unionized.

My question is, "were they all good citizens just out to make sure no unsuspecting citizen gets ripped of by non-union, shoddy workmanship type, pavers?" Or ripped off by fly-by-nighters" with false addresses and phone numbers? Tell me how you stop or proseucte FBN's who are in Peoria today doing a shoddy rip-off job and in Missouri or Kentucky tomorrow? Most of the people who get suckered in signing thes phony contracts are more interestedin the money saved than looking up the number of the BBB. I have seldom seen any of them at a County Board meeting in my more than 9 years on the board (except for heavy union support and possible (obvious?) pressure on the Democrat controlled County Board for the un-funded museum project) until these Democrat proposed code resolutions suddenly appeared in 2010 as a surprise dumped on the non-union pavers. Did our County Admistrator or our Planning and Zoning officer have anything to do with the untimely (timely?) HIGH PRIORITY of these resolutions?


The Democrat controlled board voted 10-7; a vote that would appear to put the non-union pavers out of business for this paving season. One Democrat, Bill Prather, voted with the 6 Republicans to oppose the resolution.

Would I believe everything a union person tells me? Or some of the non-union elite? (Think the "Regional" PRM) Do pigs fly?? I have a massive file with stories of how radical unions have hindered organizations all the way from educational institutions to being a major cause for GM's failure and the later massive taxpayer bailout of GM now known as "Government Motors". This taxpayer funded entity should be called Obama GM or OGM.

Why do you think local resident, I think, Transportation Chief Ray LaHood, and his new buddy, Barack Hussein Obama, is cracking down so very hard on Toyota? You think all those unionized so-called "American" motor companies haven't had massive recalls for dozens of failures and resulting lawsuits in the past decades? LaHood learned very well from Illinoisan Rahm Emanuels's realistic statement that "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste." Ask my wife and I who drive "American" made vehicles.


Read "Union Baggage Claims" in the December 30, 2009 issue of the WSJ detailing the unions efforts to unionize all airport baggage handlers. The reason being their union people would be "better prepared" to stop shoe bombers, etc.


And then our president is strongly pushing for the EFCA, called the Free Choice Act; the only thing free about it is your money. Fortunately their are enough moderate Democrats who have helped the Republicans stop this bill from going forward. So far. This bell would stop "secret balloting" and make voting to unionize or not, open balloting so every radical union member would know how his co-worker voted. See any problem in that?


Big unions represent 85+% of all organized labor, but total union membership accounts for less than 5% of the workforce.


How may union bosses do you know that are registered Republicans, the last beacon of hope along with the majority of Tea Party people, for stopping the further spread of Socialism and perhaps stopping the government from spending a lot more than they collect? But then there is "Republican" City Councilman who is a strong supporter of more government spending. The JS this week reported Riggenback made 5 trips to Washington, D.C,, at taxpayer expense, to generate more government tax dollars for things like museums, minority opportunity centers, etc., all funded by tax-payers, of course.

Why do people like Riggnback, Koehler, Leitch, and Gordon never talk about DC and Springfield taking "less" taxes from our communities and let us determine spending priorities in our communities. of course these politicians would have to cut back on their taxpayer funded junkets to luxury resorts, their taxpayer funded airplanes (think Pelosi) and their frequent trips to foreign countries in taxpayer funded airplanes.

Many unions are corrupt just like some in the public and private sector. Read the WSJ issue of June 10, 2009, "Unions in Debt".

In 2008, the California Teachers Association (a union)spent the most money to defeat Proposition 8; an initiative on the November 4 ballot that would define marriage as between a man and a woman in California. (Marriage had better remain between a man and a woman or before long in the U.S., marriage will be possibly between a woman and a horse??? Or a man and a sheep????)

Who is stopping free trade between Columbia, South Korea, etc? Pelosi, her Democrat ilk and of course; the unions.

Re-read my blogs of February 10, 2010, March 23, 2010, October 24, 2008, February 4, 2008, etc. I am not anti-union; my company was unionized in 1972 and the company bearing my name still is unionized. Difference was that I ran the company the union didn't. The union bosses; the Gauwitz father and son were really good hard-nosed men.

Not true in the public sector today where union and Democrat bosses make every effort to make sure their candidate is in a mostly registered Democrat voting District. I note that the Republicans are making an effort to create districts (redistricting) with even numbers of Dems and Reps.

To the Republicans, lot's of luck; the Demos remember 2000.

Peoria and the State of Illinois, especially Mayor Daley's Chicago, are Democrat controlled but abetted by a lot of free spending Republicans like Leitch and Riggenback. Schock too. Doesn't he support extending the farmers subsidies, didn't he support the $180 million (with interest on the loans) new schools and renovations, the un-need $55 million library projects (with interest on the loans)and %500,000+ to dig up graves that any thinking person new were in the Lincoln Library expansion area, the un-funded downtown museum and the agrarian public school system (Think of the still ongoing failures of #150 School District)? Think new building will solve the problems? If you guess yes, you probably guessed wrong.

Our problems in the nation, Illinois and Peoria are certainly not all the unions fault or the passions of the elite. Voters, that's us, who are allowing this accelerating slide to Socialism where a growing minority is mainly interested in government services, environmental virtue and "free" medical care. Tip - invest in companies that provide ambulance service and the companies that make these vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Can you write a posting concerning the removal of Elsasser, and the appointing of that hack Gorman, to the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission?

I'd like to read your take on that joke.

Merle Widmer said...

My final board term is up in December. I will answer lots of questions then. I cannot answer your question without creating a greater rift tnan now exists between the majority 12-6 Democrats and tne minority Republicans.