Sunday, January 31, 2010

February 2 Elections - Vespa and Lickiss

I usually don't post preferences for local elected officials but I believe John Vespa for Circuit Judge and Jeff Lickiss for Peoria Public School District #150 Board would be best choices. Judge John Vespa is well respected in the community and has invested in a winning campaign.

To learn more why I support John Vespa visit

I served with Lickiss on the County Board and Jeff will ask the hard questions that need to be asked. Lickiss also supports Vo/Tech such as offered in Pekin, Limestone and IVC schools, right in classrooms in #150. What ICC offers reaches far too few students. Discontinued almost entirely in 1994, many a kid would have a job today if they had learned a trade. Many a household would have benefited from Home Economics, child care, welding, home repair, painting and gardening.

50% of the kids who enter the Peoria Public School System $150 do NOT EVEN FINISH HIGH SCHOOL yet all we seem to talk about is ALL kids will go to college and hold a white collar job. Lickiss will see that every kid gets an opportunity to go to college or to be qualified to be what they would like to be.

Lickiss will do more than pay "lip service" to Vo/Tech as almost all other board members and adminstrators have done in the past 15 years.

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Jon said...

This isn't exactly on topic, but I ran across this article and thought of you. It is a business/operational management approach to public school administration. It's a few years old but worth the read, if you haven't seen it already.