Sunday, December 20, 2009

Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates Stances on GW

The Journal Star has been holding question and answer debates with the candidates. Some comments are rather interesting as follows:

Kirk Dillard says "I don't accept the premise that man is the cause of global warming, if global warming even exists." Kirk, global warming and cooling has been going on longer than written history. Glaciers extended as far south of Eureka, Il. about 10-12,000 years ago.

Kirk voted for cap and trade, strongly supported by Obama, one of the worst decisions any politician could make.

Jim Ryan accepts that humans contribute to global warming. Then what caused the glaciers to recede from the Eureka area? Cavemen? (I use Eureka because our Congerville principal took us on field trips to see the fossils from an ice era embedded in roadway eroded soil banks).

Bill Brady doesn't buy in to the human theory either and says "anyone who voted for the cap and trade bill" should apologize for their vote. Right on, Bill.

Jim Ryan said he accepts that human conditions contribute to GW but to what extent is a matter of "spirited debate". How about "spirited lies" as exposed by the cover-up emails circulated among the enviro-terrorists?

Dan Proft, who has the best platform of all the candidates, says "Al Gore and all the GW activists are "kind of enviro-terrorists".

Democrats Dan Hynes and Pat Quinn agree their is a link between humans and GW. Hynes said the evidence is "irrefutable". Quinn says these "green" jobs that will be created won't be exported to foreign countries. Sure, Pat, but how about the companies that pay better than living wages and pay taxes to support government spending. They are not only considering leaving, they are leaving. Locally, Caterpillar is a good example.

What "gems" Hynes or Quinn would be as a another Democrat governor of this nearly bankrupt state. But, hey, more jobs for union workers and less profits for companies to stay in business. Put them out of business, some say. Sure, let's all work for the government and the militant unions and get the taxes that pay their salaries, health benefits and pensions from those who dare import into "our" country.

Tons of ink and millions of trees have been used to debate (and help pollute the atmosphere) this radical environmental issue but a recent poll take by the rather liberal Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that only 36% of the respondents feel that human activities are behind a temperature increase. That figure is down from 47% in April.

Somewhere, somehow, some way the "truth will out. In the meantime, my Democrat friends, don't elect another governor who will totally bankrupt this state.

Does what I write here sound like I like pollution, Heck no, and in this country we have made great strides in reducing pollution and recycling. And I want more done and it will get done with the process soon to be speeded up in Peoria County.

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Igor said...
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Merle Widmer said...

Comments that do not "make sense" are removed from my comment site.

Sorry, but speak in English.

Anonymous said...

Merle, a friendly correction here. The first candidate you mention is Kirk Dillard. He is a state senator running for governor.

Then you have a paragraph about "Kirk" voting for cap and of the worse decisions. That was not Kirk Dillard but Congressman Mark Kirk.

We just have two Kirks on the ballot this time, one with the first name and one with the last name.

Anonymous said...

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