Saturday, November 14, 2009

Merle's Musings

Financial Recovery? Why should we trust the Fed, which is enmeshed with the largest financial institutions in the country, with banks having some say in election to the boards of Regional Feds? Don't forget the the Federal Reserve is primarily responsible for the financial crisis and the subsequent recession. The Fed operates in a shroud of secrecy which conceals its internal machinations. It has little credibility with the public. No, I and the Tea Party people don't trust the Fed, either.

(AP) 10/16/09 "Think Tank Calls for Center for 'Deprogramming' Extremists". A British counter-extremism tank said that prison policies are failing to stop Muslim inmates from being radicalized, and urged the government to "deprogram' extremists." It said extremist radical Muslims take five to seven years to "graduate" to violence so jails become recruiting centers to breed a new generation of terrorists. And not all of Muslim birth.

One of my acquaintances feels I shouldn't be blogging this sort of thing when here in Peoria we are all "just trying to get along" and welcoming people from all ethnic group with different mores into our community. He appears to be a well read man but I will remind him again "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world." Unfortunately, many of these people will not be seen at American sporting events and viewing museums. No, while we play, they plot.

Dan Proft, Candidate for Governor of the State of Illinois said recently that Al Gore and other global warming activists are "kind of enviro-terrorists." Dan is my kind of leader. As my friend pointed out, we already have home grown terrorists among us so why should I discriminate against Muslim terrorists. Why, a very recent survey says that there are at least one Muslim Mosque in each state and 10 per cent of the leadership preach "death to the infidel."

Global warming? Of course, anyone who reads widely know that the world has gone through heat and cold. Approximately 10 thousand years ago, glaciers appeared as far south as directly north of Eureka, Il. Europe had an "ice age" in Medieval times.

John Dietzen, whoever he is recently wrote a LTE to the JS that the passage of a concealed-carry law would "dump tens of thousands, or millions more guns into our streets and neighborhoods." Jay Zentro of Bartonville, my kind of guy, wrote back that these guns are already out there in tens of thousands, if not millions, and are already in the hands of criminals and that tens of thousands, if not millions, are already in the hands of responsible citizens who would not dream of committing a violent crime.

With the City of Peoria cutting its police force for libraries and possibly arts programs, expect gun sales to responsible, qualified citizens to rise. My wife just bought stock in a gun company and her stock is up 10% in a week.

Sherry Cannon also wrote to the JSEB that "Peoria's Kids Deserve Educational Choices." Ms Cannon writes, "I am deeply concerned with the level of learning in our inner city schools." She wants to learn more about charter schools. Charter teachers talk about how their job is more rewarding because they are given the freedom to teach, how invested they were in the success of their students and that administration does not keep bad teachers." Right, on Ms. Cannon.

Charter or private school kids are in a learning environment, not distracted by disciplinary problems, drastic adherence to inclusion, and not restricted to hours in teaching and learning situation. Parent conferences are usually held on Saturdays or at times when employed parents can attend.

I am not sold on the Charter School being discussed for the Peoria #150 area because the union, the school board and current administration would be too much involved. We have people with lots of money to spend on enhancements in Peoria, surely they could get the state to grant a private charter to Peoria. They can't, you say. Why not, Oh, just like Chicago, the unions don't want THAT type of competition and by staying in the #150 district, they can get the state to largely fund the charter school. Oh, I see.


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