Monday, April 27, 2009

"Tax protest no different from Selma"

So says Dave Hughes from Washington in reply to Pam Adams socialistic view on the Tea Bag movement. "Just like M.L.K. did at Selma, other than the tea baggers were real working taxpayers who took time off from their jobs to march nationwide-rather than being bused in from ACORN or the DNC. Both were serious groups protesting their treatment by others, be it government or society."

Dave says Pam's column in the JS was a letdown from her usual "Let's perpetuate racism so that her her friends Al and Jesse can keep their jobs."

Thanks, Dave for labeling Adams for what she is. Adams signed off her column by saying "Glen, Sean and Rush have already told us what to say". Mostly not, Dave and folks like me have seen how people like Adams try to promote socialism and racism even in almost every column she writes. Recently she wrote an article praising the good points about Peoria from a person who moved away from Peoria 20 years ago. She didn't say how things have changed here in 20 years such as described the same day by JS Reporter John Sharp titled "New policies aimed at stopping festival fights".

Keep up the LTR's, my friend Dave Hughes, and John Sharp, keep reporting statements such as the one from Principal Randy Simmons from Peoria High who said "All the city kids get a bad rap, and I think that is unfair". And "people within the community can help the cause , but it's up to the people who are causing this problem, to stop", said 17 year old Timpestt Jones. I agree.

And it's up to the parents, principals teachers and mentors to step in and stop this nonsense that eventually fills our juvenile court system and our jails. And up to people like Pam Adams and other syndicated writers like Gene Robinson and Leonard Pitts (why did the JS stop printing Columinst William Rasberry?) to stop perpetuating racial divisions not only here but all across the country.

I found it interesting that John Sharp was assigned to cover the people problems in Peoria and Adams was assigned to report positive statements made by an ex-Peorian who left here 20 years ago.

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