Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peoria School District #150 Public Hearing on May 4

After this meeting the school board will take action on whether to seek to issue a second series of bonds. (See previous blog) The public could take the bond issue to a referendum providing 6,384 residents in the district sign a petition.

Sooner or later, more of the voters than showed up in April had better be paying closer attention where some of our leaders are leading us.

I've warned for years. While the future is impossible to correctly predict, i will again not predict but tell those of you who pay taxes, especially property taxes, you haven't seen anything yet. Watch while more salaries and pensions, especially in the public sector, continue to rise and especially if we mimic our president and most Democrats, whose aim is to expand government at every level.

Sure, some are going to profit by expanded government but in the general populace, there will be more losers than gainers.

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