Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Oink, oink: Keep Our Roadsides Clean"

This statement has been an ongoing theme by the JSEB but it appears those of us who attempt to slow the littering problem are as they say "preaching to the choir." The editors write "This stretch of southbound (northbound also) Illinois Rt. 29 running just past Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe through Rome has provide Piggy plenty of trash to roll around in."

No question as to how the litter gets there. A couple of months ago I fell in behind a school bus on Rt. 29 just north of it's intersection with Rt.6. For approximately 4miles a continuous stream of litter was being pitched out of this northbound bus windows on the back right hand side. When the bus stopped to let out a student, I walked around to the drivers side of the bus and asked him to roll down his window which he did. I asked him if he knew litter was being thrown out the rear windows. He said he didn't and didn't think there was because the windows are supposed to be closed. An adult appeared from the back of the bus and she claimed she didn't know litter was being thrown out the windows. I asked the age of the students on the bus and where told they were around 16. I told them the area into which litter was being pitched and said I would report it to the school superintendent of Chillicothe schools.

I was able to talk to the principal and told him the situation. I asked him why food and fast food drinks were allowed on the bus. He said I should go see the Transportation Director. I said, no, you are the principal and that it is your responsibility to take action to prevent this occurrence. He reluctantly took the bus #34 and licence #57 265 SB and said he would look into the incident. But he said kids put food and soft drinks in their bags and he couldn't stop them from doing that. He also indicated that adults sometimes take food on the bus so the kids think they can do the same. I indicated a no food or drink on buses hauling kids to and from home should be an enforceable policy. He had no comment.

So all of us litter protesters should have long ago taken note as the people who litter are the ones going through our failing school systems and from people who don't vote and could actually care less what there kids do when they are supposedly under school supervision.

So I can talk to all the people responsible for allowing litter and the JSEB can print all the oink, oink's they want too, but as Journalist Caitlin wrote in the WSJ on April 17, 2009, "The High Cost of Coddling", "It is, of course, the responsibility of the state and community to provide some sort of education to all children under the age of 18, and so for a host of legal, moral and economic reasons we end up with the ugly truth about our nations schools. Who would not be willing to side not with the students of an institution--those fun-loving creatures of the now-but with the institution itself, a place ostensibly devoted, above all else, to the well-being of it's population.

I'll tell you who would not: Adults, remember them?"

So make fun of me for trying. I know who you are by your words. I'll not make fun of the JSEB for trying. They are. But they can't reach the ones who say "who cares", who can't read and if they can, read the wrong stuff and the ones who care not to vote or even register. And the ones who think their kids can do no wrong because, after all, they are just kids.

Remember Columbine? And what about the riots at Kent State today. And the article in today's JS, "New policies aimed at stopping festival fights."

As I sat in a local restaurant having dinner last night a two young Muslim women with 3 kids, the oldest about 5 and with a kid each "in the basket" let the oldest stand on top of the table where they were eating, scream and slap at his mother and they did absolutely nothing. Why do I identify them as an ethnic group? Because they are just adapting to our customs in the United States. Isn't that what we want?

Keep putting your kids on pedestals, they will grow up just like you and they will mostly become bleeding liberals, "who cares" people, don't vote, everybody else is doing it people, who love violence, hate discipline and this country will be soon be under total Socialism and eventually worse.


steven edward streight said...

The problem with leaders, like that school principal, is they tend to shrug off responsibility, they don't want to be accountable.

Reminds me of some TARP recipients and Congress not reading bills or budgets, but merrily signing them.

Global looting of the workers by the mammonist banks.

steven edward streight said...

I have tried to expose some junk in this town and the leaders in charge acted like punks and blew me off with veiled threats of lawsuits.

I don't scare easily. I'm not done with a few of them, as they'll soon find out.

There are rotten eggs in some religious baskets around Peoria.