Sunday, April 05, 2009

Museum Project and Location In Question by Fema and IEPA?

I received a call from someone who is pretty sharp saying a person close to the Museum Project said that an announcement will be made after the election that the location and design of the PRM has come under scrutiny by FEMA and the IEPA. The scrutiny may cause the cost of the museum to rise considerably. This may be old news about the parking deck cost rising from $6 million to over $9 million or it might be something new.

We will see.

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Anonymous said...

Not only FEMA and IEPA but also the Coast Guard and the Corp of Engineers and numerous other entities regarding the upgrading of Water St., by the City of Peoria. These costs will be added to the entire project. Also, a battle is to ensue regarding upgrading Water St., when all of these entities sit down and really research it. Raising Water St., is not a quick or cheap fix that the MCG is trying to sell us.