Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Enhancement Money For the Money Losing Civic Center

"Civic Center plans $500,000 upgrade" with funding to come from TIF district according to an article in yesterday's JS by JS reporter, Gary Childs. "Unfortunately, there is not enough money to do what we call the dream list", said committee Chairman, Ken Goldin. Correction of tilting sidewalks, elimination of a driveway and replacing it with a sidewalk, and landscape to compliment the landscaping of the "planned" Riverfront Museum; this CC landscaping to be the first phase of landscaping being planned.

Civic Center General Manager Debbie Ritschel, who isn't necessarily counting on TIF money to pay for the landscaping portion, said, "We'll take money wherever we can get it from"."

How true, they already do, and I'm sure these are "must do" priorities and maybe they will provide jobs for some of the 9,000 people laid off or fired in the Peoria area since the start of this "recession".

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