Monday, October 06, 2008

FireFly Receives $4 Million Grant

Refer my blog on President Bush's recent visit to Peoria and possible residuals to the community, Republicans, Democrats and Independents (and others).

The House and Senate on Monday passed the FY 2009 Defense Bill, and on Tuesday evening the President signed it into law. The 2009 government fiscal year started yesterday. Senator Durbin announced this award earlier this week: " Second Generation Advanced Battery Technology (3D2 ABT), Peoria: $4 million for Firefly Energy of Peoria to develop a small, powerful battery for military use that also has the potential to enable highly fuel-efficient Plug Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Key accomplishments of funding will include product and technology development in a multi-cell battery format; engineering prototypes tested to military specifications; testing and design iterations; and pilot manufacturing planning. "

I don't recall this grant being reported by the JS. I caught a glimpse of it on WEEK last week.

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