Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cubs Loss Embarrassing And as I Predicted

On July 26, I blogged the reasons why I felt the Cubs would not be in the World Series.

I reiterate:

Inconsistency in performance in all areas including left field.
" pitching
" hitting
Too many "hot dogs" like Soriano, Zambrano, Cedeno and a couple of middle relief pitchers.
Inability for Pinella to get himself and his team "up" for the playoffs.
Inability for the big names like Soriano, Ramirez and Lee to get themselves up for playoffs.
These guys are paid huge salaries. Cut the salaries and increase bonuses based on performance and goal attainment.

Get Lee to change his hitting stance or expect another 20 homer year next year.
Time for a pitching coach change. He should have been out to the mound sooner helping settling down Dempster.

Like I mentioned in my July 26 blog, a missing ingredient, the thing you can't put your finger on exactly but you can see in bits and pieces as the season unfolded.

I believe the leaders in the clubhouse went into the series thinking they were going to lose. They sure played like losers. They were only aggressive consistently when they swung at bad pitches and took strikes right down the middle.

Fukydome - Send him on along with Hart somewhere else. Edmonds will never be happy sitting on the bench after the career he has had. Bring in some enthusiasm like a guy named Girardi when he was a young player.

Good luck next year but the same roster next year will not win a WS.

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