Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bradley University Left-Wing Democrat Professors

Dr. D. Michael Risen, an Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Human Development, in a "Letter to the JS" today writes that "a democratic society should want to elect people who are intelligent, ethical, patriotic and devoted to this country". Then this "professor" writes a column filled with mis-truths, half truths and exaggerations without ever telling the real story.

He says the Republicans laughed at the candidate he tells you to vote for, Barack Hussein Obama, because he was a "community organizer". What Risen doesn't tell you is that Obama "organized" in Chicago under a Marxist concept dedicated to radically provoking resistance to American racism and oppression to change the system. He doesn't tell you that Obama has extensive roots to a Chicago based activist group called Acorn who has pledged $35 million to register people this fall despite a history of vote fraud scandals that have led to many guilty pleas by Acorn employees. The brother of Acorn founder, Wade Rathke stole nearly one million dollars from the group and his brother decided not to alert the law officials about the theft until the matter started to surface.

Risen says "McCain will win the war but doesn't say how". What a lie. What "tenure" rock does Risen live under? Does he tell people that McCain strongly supported the surege which is working? Does he tell his students how Obama will win the war by cutting and running? Sixteen months ago Obama said "if I was president, we would be out of Iraq by now". If Risen can't find that quote, I can show it to him.

Does Risen talk about Obama's chairmanship of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge (CAC) that poured $100 million into the hands of radical education activists?

Dr. Risen does not mention Obama's 20 year connection to Reverend Wright, he of "God Damned" America, or underground Weatherman Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers, who hosted Obama's coming out party, Tony Retzko, under indictment and soon to be in prison was a major fund raiser for Obama. How about radical Michael Phlegher and his close connections to Obama; does Risen tell Bradley students about his connections to Obama? Does he tell them about Obama's 126 "present" votes in the Illinois legislature? If so, how does he explain those "votes"?

Dr. Risen doesn't mention Obama's wife who said she never "really felt like an American" until Obama ran for president.

Perhaps Risen can get a copy of Obama's graduation thesis, a copy requested but that has not been made available by Obama or liberal Harvard. Or where Obama got his money to put himself through Harvard without apparently ever paying back any loans? Or who made these "loans" to Obama?

The rest of his "chatterering" is part truth without the "whole story". His rhetoric indicates a hate for the rich who put him in a position of "tenured" power at Bradley.

Risen says, "if, like me, you are committed to a data-driven decision, you will see that Obama has the leadership and the historical data and he is who we should all vote for".

Dr. Risen, who lives in Pekin, says the economy is in the worst shape in his lifetime. Has he or will he take a pay cut for his 6 figure tenured position?

Like Obama, Dr. Risen is a all talk and half-truths or no truths. Bradley has too many "educated" professors like this "left wing liberal", teaching eager young minds that "there are no truths" as one professor told ad Optimist luncheon group, leading the students down the path to socialism or Communism as bomber Ayers says, with a small "c".

Despite the many common sense people at Bradley, Bradley is no longer the Bradley I once supported financially.

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Dan said...

I heard about the Ayers connection earlier this weekend. Seems like it is getting more popular.

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