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Nine Criteria For Siting Approval of the PDC Application for Local Siting

The Peoria County Board must determine the Peoria Disposal Company siting application meets nine (9) criteria by state statues in order to grant siting approval. The nine (9) criteria are ass follows:

1. Need: The facility is necessary to accommodate the waste needs of the area it is intended to serve.
2. Protect Public Health: The facility is so designed, located and proposed to be operated that the public health, safety and welfare will be protected.
3. Compatibility: The facility is so located as to minimize incompatibility with the character of the surrounding area and to minimize the effect on the value of surrounding property.
4. Floodplain: For a facility that is a sanitary landfill or waste disposal site, the facility is located outside the boundary of a 100-year flood plain.
5. Minimize danger: The plan of operation of the facility is designed to minimize the danger to the surrounding area from fire, spills and other operational accidents.
6. Traffic: Traffic pattern to or from the facility will be treating, storing or disposing of hazardous waste, an emergency response plan exists for the facility which includes notification, containment and evacuation procedures to be used in case of an accidental release.

7. Emergency Response Plan: If the facility will be treating, storing or disposing of hazardous waste, an emergency response plan exists for the facility which includes notification, containment and evacuation procedures to be used in case of an accidental releases.

8. Consistent with County Plan: If the facility is to located in a county where the county board has adopted a solid waste management plan consistent with the planning requirements of the local recycling act, the facility is consistent with that plan.

9. Regulated Recharge Area: If the facility will be located within a regulated recharge area, any applicable requirements specified by the board for such areas have been met.

Executive summary, in Brief

Per state statue, Peoria County Staff is required to give its recommendation regarding siting approval to the Siting Subcommittee. This recommendation was submitted March, 27, 2006 after thourough review of the application and the public comment file.

Based upon it review, the County Staff determines that, subject to a few exceptions which are dealt with by special conditions, the applicant satisfies the nine (9) statutory criteria established by state law. County Staff believes that approval of the landfill expansion with the special conditions is the most protective of the health, safety and welfare of Peoria County.


1. Restrictions on Transfer No transfer of a controlling interest in the ownership of the PDC landfill may be made without the prior written approval of the Peoria County Board
2. Environmental Monitoring:
3. PDC shall implement an ambient air monitoring program at the PDC Landfill.
4. No Rail Line Spurs
5. Additional Expansions Prohibited. PDC shall not seek to expand the PDC Landfill vertically or horizontally again.
6. Surface Impoundment. PDC will initiate closure of the existing surface impoundment within 30 days of receiving it operating permit authorization for the replacement tank.
7. Capacity Guarantee for Peoria County Generators. Until June 1, 2021, PDC agrees to provide disposal capacity at the PDC’s #1 Landfill for waste generators located in Peoria County for all hazardous waste, MGP Remediation Waste and Non Hazardous Process Waste which is estimated to be generated by industry located within Peoria County.
8. Perpetual Care Fund. Upon final approval, PDC shall establish a Perpetual Care Escrow Account and deliver an initial sum of $1000, with additional sums equal to $1150 per ton of the expanded volume of waste to be deposited on at leas a quarterly basis thereafter.
9. Construction Quality Assurance (CPQ) Recommendations. PDC shall follow and implement the CQA recommendations.
10. Leachate Collection System Inspections. PDC shall inspect the leachate collection systems at the PDC Landfill throughout the landfill operating period.
11. Sediment Basin Energy Dissipaters. PDC shall construct energy dissipaters at the storm water discharge points into the sediment basin.
12. County involvement in the Permitting process. Peoria County, and it consultants, shall have the right to be involved in the initial permitting for the horizontal and vertical expansion of the PDC Landfill.
Additional Special Conditions:
For a compete description of the additional special conditions, please see the Staff Report on Peoria County’s website

1. Surface Impoundment
2. C-1Sump Manhole Retrofit
3. No Expansion of Trench 1
4. Retain Low Permeability Material Over Capped Portions of Cell C-2
5. Alternate Manhole retrofit
6. Intermediate Line
7. Ambient Air Monitoring
8. Methane Migration Planning
9. Additional Groundwater Monitoring Wells
10. Minimize Visual Impact
11. Leachate Removal from Sumps
12. Storm water Detention Basin Testing
13. Perpetual Care Fund
14. Signage
15. Annual Emergency Planning Exercise

For the following special conditions, please see the supplemental Staff Report on the Peoria County website
1. Waste Review Committee
2. Designated Truck Rout Notification
3. Minimum Annual Contribution to Perpetual Care fund
4. Ambient Air Mentoring
5. Additional $1 million Post Closure Trust Fund Contribution

By recommending siting approval, County Staff is protecting the health, safety and welfare of Peoria County by ensuring the Landfill will be monitored and cared for after it’s closure, as evidenced by the following table. The table reflects Dr. Lee’s recommended perpetual care requirements, the IEPA’s post closure care requirements, (415IlCS 5/22/03) and the perpetual care activities outlined by County Staff, enforceable thru the Host Agreement.
(Dr. Lee was and expert witness providing testimony for the Families Against Toxic Waste)

This is a summation of detailed information recommended for approval by the Peoria County Staff and recommendations that were denied by the Peoria County Full Board on Thursday, April 6, 2006. The vote was 7 ayes and 10 nays.

(Any mistakes of sequence are the responsibility of me but you may find the complete Siting Process on

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B. Ridley Critz, III said...

All very well and good, Merle, yet I still see no citation to testimony or documents designed to show that the expanded facility is nedeccary to meet the needs of Peoria County.

I strongly suspect that the present facility, with ZERO expansion, could do that for the next few centuries. It is likely that it could also adequately serve surrounding counties for centuries, at least enough of them to provide monetary efficiencies inuring to the benefit of PEORIA COUNTY and ITS citizens.

COuld it serve multiple states? Likely not. However, there is no reason to suggest that we, PEORIA COUNTY, do so.

I repeat my request: Please cite the evidence presented to the board on the need. We already knew the staff made a positive recommendation. WHY should we think the staff was correct on this point?

Heavens! Might it just be that no such evidence exists? That there was no showing of NEED at all?

From the way you evade the point, it would seem so.