Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cub Critique Qualifications

Here are the titles and dates of blogs where I detail my sports background. My background gives me some credibility to comment:

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"Friendly Confines", 7/26/08

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Breaking new from the Cubbies today, Bradley sent home for the year supposedly for his detrimental attitude towards the fans, his season over. Actually it ended the first month he came to Chicago to "play".
Zambrano says he is out of shape and has to do more work on his abs. Who'd have thunk?? Soto need to lose 20 pounds and he should use a step stool to hit those pitches he swings at eye high.

Zammie pitched pretty well tonight. Only gave up two runs in 6 innings.

I halt this blog to say Jake Fox hit a 2-run homer in the 11th and Marmol retired the Cards in order and the Cubs pull out a win. Player of the game? Relief pitcher Gregg only gave up ONE run. Player of the game? Just kidding.

I watch this game for entertainment by a bunch of mostly overpaid guys. I say about the Cubs as John McEnroe says on his TV ads "You Can't be Serious". Watch the Cubs and be serious? We should get a life while we wait for "next year".

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