Saturday, May 17, 2014

Merle Widmer's Facebook Page Has Been Closed

I decided that I did not personally use Facebook very often. Plus insults on my page by two local "freaks" who recently tried to embarass me. One, a go-fer at the Peoria Journal Star who I suspect has an arrest record; I saw the same name under local arrests (his published denial is only that he has "no arrest records in Woodford County) and the other, a die-hard Democrat with a viscious pen and schrill voice, who drew an embarrassing dozen or so votes when he "ran" for the Peoria City Council not too long ago. I have one arrest record in 88 years and NO convictions. And yes, I resent people who go out of their way to try to embarras me with half-truths; enemies likr Jim and Jerry Stowell, who feel they had an "axe to grind with me" because I sued their brother, Joe Stowell, Jr. who eventuallly went bankrupt. One would buy stocks from a stockbroker who goes belly-up?? And a rumor is afloat from a prominent one time power at #150 about Jim Stowell, who somehow wound up on the embattled PEORIA PUBLIC sCHOOL Dist. #150 Board for a one termer??? "Few, WITH ANY KIND OF REPUTATION WOULD WANT TO SERVE ON #150 SCHOOL BOARD in recent years? I still will be blogging when I feel like like writing. In the meantime, most of the meaningful news can be found on Fox TV, Judicial Watch, Illinois Policy Institute, National Review, The Economist,publications like Gun Rights releases, National Right to Work releases, The Heritage Foundation and many other factual medias. Other local news, like the obits, social news and sports, can be found at any public Library or on the net. Not to overlook a handful of factual reporting local bloggers like David Jordan, Marathon Pundit and Bill Dennis, plus most blog sites listed on this sidebar.

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