Thursday, August 11, 2011

lllinois Commision to End Hunger

Who are people making up this commission? Appointed in 2010 by guess who, Governor Quinn. How many are Republicans? How many Democrats? How much is their budget? How man new bureaucrats employed? Where do they get the figures such as another $11.3 million needed for Peoria County per year (2009 figures, they say)?
"Board member Karacic and her colleagues traveled to Peoria Tuesday as part of a statewide listening tour", wrote JS's favorite socialist Pam Adams yesterday.

Republican Dave Leitch says, "We need to be every bit upset that people are hungry as we are about the stock market", as he looked for a few votes, the only person not on the speaking agenda. Leitch is the 2nd largest spender of tax payer dollars in the State of Illinois. (Dial in Dave Leitch on my blogger Search Bar for facts)

After years of dropouts and non learners in Peoria Public Schools we are FINALLY getting a Vocational School to be located in the vacated Woodruff High School building. Maybe some people will learn how to work or even learn how to tend a garden and some of these poor parents will learn how to can the produce. I worked for awhile in a local Food Bank but was disillusioned by the number of young "gang Bangers" and healthy people who came in to take most anything and all they wanted, with or without permission. One white man brought in his pretty 5 year old grand daughter who was constantly scratching her crotch. Her "grandpa" said, "she just loves to go fishing with me".

I'll bet.

I have always donated to charities but the system is so abused today that the really needy are had to separate from the lazy people who can't hold a job because they don't want to work. The facts are in Peoria, you don't really need to work to survive. Even medical care is free.

And now Obama wants to kill the big capitalists who didn't make their major campaign contributions to him and his ilk. No wonder most of the governments in this country are going broke. And no wonder why Obama will probably be elected in 2012. So many depend on his "spread the wealth" Chavez type government. No wonder so many believe he is doing a good job. Many of them were recipient's of his stimulus bill and call it a success.

This is not a politically correct blog. I've heard Leitch "rail" at the Democrats at every Republican meeting he attended about their socialist free spending. Another reason I am an Independent and support MOST of the Tea Party people and their agendas.

Folks, the bad news is we are never going to financially recover under Democrat leadership. And I'll bet this Illinois Commission to End Hunger is dominated by Democrats with a few "bleeding heart" Republicans.

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